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Are you looking to increase your brand awareness in Toronto? What is the most productive technique that you have tried so far? What do you know about Wildposting®? Wildposting® is, by far, one of the most effective ways of raising awareness of your brand to your precise audience. Wildposting® is a form of campaign that lets you grab hold of the attention of your potential clients when they least expect in the busiest areas of Toronto.

One of the top effective, and economical ways to get attention from people for your products, brands, and services are the use of Wildposting®. However, lots of people are concerned about this specific form of advertising, leaving them many questions such as if Wildposting® in Toronto is legal if it is done by a Wildposting® company or by an individual, the costs and the availability of Wildposting®.

What is Wildposting®?

Wildposting® is an advertisement that deals with gaining attraction in your chosen city at street level. Adverts are done using posters that are pasted on different things such as sites where there are ongoing construction works, barricades, including buildings. With Wildposting®, people are easily exposed to certain products or brands. Wildposting® are used for beautifying a drab area or location. They are used to ignite people’s attention, especially where the specific product is of particular interest to the demographic in your chosen area and high traffic streets of Toronto.

Examples of Markets that Gain Visibility from our Wildposting® Strategies - Wildposting® is effective for all kinds of advertisements. This is evident in Toronto as we see various sectors opt for this method of campaign for the promotion of their brands, products, businesses, etc. Wildposting® is effective in various markets such as alcohol, among local businesses, in the entertainment sector, clothing industry, and more.

Toronto Wildposting® Formats

Wildposting® comes in various formats. Dedicated wheat-paste posters are 24” x 36” in measurement. Our most popular offering here at Wildposting®, these standard size posters are sure to capture your audience’s attention. Wildposting® in this format are perfect for construction sites, and multiple surfaces where our team has permission to post.

Guerilla cling posters have a measurement of 11” x 15”; its printing is done on materials charged with static electricity. It helps in holding them without the use of supports such as clips or tapes. They are perfect for the promotion of awareness while being cost-effective.

Pull-tab posters have a dimension of 8” x 11”. It has a feature customer take-one pull-tab for getting the engagement of customers promoted. The formats are perfect for cafes, street poles, and lots more, including construction sites.

The Benefit of Wildposting® - Cost

Many forms of media aim to catch the public’s attention as quickly as possible in Toronto. However, one of these effective media forms is the use of Wildposting®. Messages passed across by different brands are seen in wider locations such as parks, homes, parties, and lots more, and at the same, brand loyalty is cultivated through Wildposting® in Toronto.

How does Wildposting® Work?

Wildposting® is a cost-effective marketing strategy that will spike your brand awareness among locals and other people in Toronto. Our technique is particularly effective because we select the best spots – areas with high traffic rates – to place our posters. This method ensures that a wider coverage is reached.

Choose the right schedule- It is all about timing when advertising is discussed. To imprint your brand in people’s minds. Your first point of concern should be how long your campaign should run. We believe that the best timeframe for effective Wildposting® should fall between 2 weeks and two month of consistent postings. This way, people remember your posts even after it is gone.

Target Toronto's Streets.

Under one and a half drive from Niagara Falls, this beautiful city is everything you can imagine and more. With bustling streets and ever-busy residents, how can you possibly gain their attention? This is where Wildposting® takes the center stage.

Executing Wildposting® in Toronto is quite simple and easy. However, there are details you need to understand before you begin. You may need to provide answers to certain questions to understand what you want. This is done to get quick attention from your consumers and prospects. Regardless of what service or product you provide, you should note the size of posters you will prefer, where your posters will be pasted, the locations that will drive more traffic for your brand, and the materials used. However, any location you choose can be perfect for your product, especially if you are targeting a large crowded location such as outdoor malls, urban downtown, and parks.

Wild messages: how to make an impact

Wildposting® is a preference for most companies as a result of its cost-effectiveness and high power attention-catching capabilities. Wildposting® Toronto is ideal for its market, companies, and other places that require quick attention from consumers. Since Wildposting® is a street-level advertisement, Toronto is mostly made of a vibrant street scene and many people. It has got an amazing local culture that works perfectly with Wildposting®.

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