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Wildposting® Los Angeles

How do you increase your visibility and deliver an immersive experience to potential customers at the same time? Make outdoor advertising stand out with posters and let the streets do the work for you.

More and more advertisers turn to this type of guerilla marketing to show that communicating on the “Wildposting® side” pays off. Wildposting® is a strategy that uses a series of posters at street level (construction barricades, building facades, alleys, etc.) to promote an event, new service, product, or brand.

Highly visual media brings brands to life by placing them almost anywhere in LA, where people can be reminded of your and interact with them in their daily activities. With Wildposting®, you have not only the opportunity to interact with your clients but also the possibility of keeping your products and services in the market for years.

What is Wildposting®?

The application of posters in Wildposting® is a deliberate attempt to attract maximum attention from your possible clients and customers. With this strategic form of marketing, you are exposed to your consumers’ problems when purchasing or using your product. Besides that, you also get to receive relevant feedback on each product or service you put into the consumer market.

The Benefits of Wildposting®- Cost. What makes Wildposting® effective for businesses big and small? On the one hand, it is cost-effective compared to traditional advertising but still achieves top results in brand awareness and brand recall. Posters cost a tenth the price of a magazine or TV commercial, but you can get just as much attention. Location is everything for this strategy: place the ads in high pedestrian traffic areas and impact consumers’ work with the surroundings.

The costs for this outdoor advertising technique may increase depending on location, but it is still beneficial for media campaigns by getting you seen by the right crowd, in the right locations. The dimensions of the posters, on the other hand, can vary (24 x 36 cm, 48 x 72 cm, etc.) and can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Examples of Wildposting® Strategies in LA

Over the years, Wildposting® strategies have proved useful in sparking conversations and driving sales in various sectors such as food & beverages, entertainment, and the fashion world.

Fashion Brands- Wildposting® is an effective way of getting the word out in various businesses, including Fashion. The fashion industry is one that largely taps into the potency of this method of advertising. Wildposting® is an aggressive marketing strategy that is hugely beneficial to fashion brands as it helps drive traffic to their stores, both online and offline. Los Angeles is a common guerilla-style marketing location. Campaign costs also vary from city to city depending on the amount of foot traffic offered by such an area.

Target The Busy Streets of
Los Angeles

An advantage of Wildposting® campaigns in Los Angeles is that they are designed to target the exact locations that usually bring the general audience you are looking to target. Many industries have depended on this type of advertising because of its potential for broader reach. From fashion and music to automobiles, electronics, and food, just about every category has used Wildposting®.

Wild Messages: How to Make an Impact- So how do you create outdoor ads that stand out at a time when people are constantly bombarded with messages everywhere, including online? Well, the only relevant answer to this question is Wildposting®! Wildposting® is most effective as it grabs hold of the attention of consumers where they least expected it. This method of advertising is efficacious for commuters, passers-by, ones walking their pets, etc. Why? Everyone walks around. Also, people don’t like being left out of information that would be in one way or the other relevant to them.

Wildposting® involves a mix of creativity, captivation, vitality, and relevance. The information has to be vital, relevant, creative, and captivating to the audience. Our use of Wildposting® ensures that all these features are not excluded and delivers your point through Los Angeles’s streets.

Creativity in Los Angeles

Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to Wildposting® publishing campaigns. With our experienced campaign managers, we will develop a custom campaign that will not only satisfy your exact needs, but will go further to get the word out about your brand to Los Angeles's vibrant neighborhoods.

Our primary objective is to create eye-catching designs that do not just appeal to passers-by, but also speak for themselves by way of conversion.

Having done a thorough analysis of the high traffic areas in LA, we add posters in these booming locations to target a massively influential audience. Also, our posters get the best coverage and stay up the longest.

Rest assured that Wildposting® is committed to ensuring that your business receives the right amount of recognition and constructive feedback it requires to properly serve your consumers. By utilizing a form of extreme or guerilla marketing, we ensure that the outstanding nature of your brand’s products and services is exposed to your desired audience in Los Angeles.

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