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Wildposting® Advertising In Chicago, IL

Having an effective method of advertisement is mostly all-that-matters when your company is trying to get the word out to your precise audience. In simpler words, when your project is meant to grab hold of Chicago residents, you have to do it with local methods, with the right local medium. Creating word-of-mouth worthy advertising may be difficult, but with the right advertisement method you can get to your audience more efficiently as they go about their regular lives.

While there are various kinds of marketing techniques, Wildposting® is one of the most effective ways of advertising your brand. It is most worthwhile because it doesn’t just ignite word of mouth but goes further to create the brand awareness that you so desire. Wildposting® spreads news about your business in a faster, consumer friendly, and effective manner.

Wildposting® is great for various types of businesses, as well as releases, events, and new product drops that require reaching an audience in the right areas of the city to spur conversation. Wildposting® works, and with the right advertisement company, Wildposting® will help your business grow! Still unsure? Find out more about the exact details of our Wildposting® service below.

What is Wildposting®?

Wildposting® is a street level form of advertisement that involves the use of static posters, placed strategically in different areas of the streets of Chicago where foot traffic is high. The application of posters in Wildposting® is a deliberate attempt to attract maximum attention from your possible clients and probably stakeholders.

In urban and primarily dense areas like Chicago, Wildposting® is very effective in taking your message home. How? Well, through word-on-the-street, and word-of-mouth! Through our strategic guerilla posting and street posting methods, we ensure that each poster is located in the busiest part of Chicago.

This deliberate effort allows the inhabitants of Chicago to have a proper view of what you are advertising. Most of these busy areas include fences along the walkway, on major roads, and around public places. These are likely areas where your posters would be placed because we have properly outlined the area and noted the frequency at which people take these routes. We have also identified the busiest routes in the whole of Chicago to catch your audience’s attention and spark brand recognition.

How is Wildposting® Effective in Introducing your Brand to Folks in Chicago?

1.Your company needs street credibility to boost its growth, and Wildposting® provides that effectively.

2.Wildposting® campaigns complement and improve digital marketing as well as traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards and flyers. It is also a great method of reaching to individuals without active internet connection or digital channels.

3.As a city that welcomes an enormous number of tourists every month, Wildposting® is a great way for companies and businesses to introduce their services to these visitors.

4.Passers-by become quickly familiar with your brand when they frequently see your posters around the neighborhood.

Wildposting® Formats

Guerilla Cling Posters: These posters have a dimension of 11” x 15”. The poster is printed on a static electricity charged material that allows them to stick to certain surfaces without any adhesive or stapes. The guerilla cling posters are suitable for a more creative and targeted placement. They can also be cut according to your desired measurements and specifications.

Dedicated Wheat-paste Posters: We use a 24” x 36” thin paper poster that has been pasted via wheat-paste on multiple surfaces. These surfaces include storefronts, wall-scapes, and construction sites; provided we have received permission to use these surfaces from the owners. These surfaces could hold between 18-32 posters to highlight a single brand in each target location.

Card-stock Posters: Card-stock posters usually have a dimension of 11” x 17” or 18” x 24”. These posters are placed on visible doors or outdoor locations that have a high rate of human traffic. Card-stock posters are great for highlighting product releases and promoting local events, concerts, and brands.

Does Wildposting® Really Work?

Yes! Wildposting® works. As earlier mentioned, it’s a rather simple approach to reach your prospective customers and audience. Wildposting® gives you the opportunity to tap into your consumers’ desires for discovery and intrigue, and escape the monotony of regular advertising where it is expected by reaching them during their daily routine. This extensive marketing strategy also places you in a proper position in the market; while properly introducing you to your customers, allowing your consumers to get acquainted with new products and releases.

How Does Wildposting® Work?Wildposting® strategies depend on the company performing the advertisement. When we handle your Wildposting®, you will notice the striking difference between our technique and that of our competitors. Our Wildposting® methods are based on street-level marketing and word-of-mouth techniques that take into account 10+ years in the industry. To put it simply, we do not only use street posters, we get your brand exposure where it matters most- downtown Chicago.

Why Choose Us?

Do you need a marketing firm that gets people talking about your brand all over the block? We have the necessary skills and techniques to ensure that your brand stays top of mind for your consumers. Generally speaking, marketing requires a professional level of expertise; with that in mind, Wildposting® is an advertising agency that cares about the well-being of the end consumers and the companies (and marketing managers) that we help market.

Our Wildposting® techniques allow us to provide you with the necessary feedback and recognition you need among your local clients. Wildposting® is determined to help you understand the needs of your consumers through guerilla marketing strategies that have proven to be effective when implemented in projects for our clients. We provide the necessary feedback and understanding you need with your customers to generate results and buzz within Chicago and more.

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