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Are you fed up with traditional marketing and advertising methods? Are you looking for a new and different way to get people excited about what your Seattle-based business has to offer? If so, our team at Wildposting® Seattle is here to help! For decades, we’ve successfully worked with brands of all kinds so they can expand their reach and connect with local customers with unique and fully customized wheat paste poster art.

What is Wildposting®?

As you’ve been looking into different marketing tactics, you may have seen some brands talking about “fly posting Seattle” or “Seattle wheat pasting.” If you’ve never heard these terms before, you’ve likely caught yourself asking what they mean or why someone might choose them as part of their marketing strategy.

Put simply, Wildposting® is a type of street marketing. It involves displaying vivid, professionally designed posters throughout the city in places where your target audience is most likely to see them. This includes on the sides of buildings, on construction sites, at bus stops, and in other high-traffic areas.

Our goal at Wildposting® Seattle is to help you attract as much attention as possible.

We work with brands to inform the public every time they release a new product, are planning a new event, or start offering a new service. We know that the more eyes you get on your brand, the easier it is to generate leads and convert people into paying customers.

Why Is Wildposting® Effective?

At first, you might assume that Wildposting® isn’t an effective strategy in 2021. After all, isn’t everything digital these days?

Digital marketing is certainly beneficial, but so are printed marketing materials like posters.

Wildposting® helps your brand to stand out from the crowd. After all, people aren’t used to seeing posters and billboards as much as they once did. Because of this, when they do see a well-designed one, it sticks with them.

Seattle Wildposting® is the perfect marketing solution for all kinds of brands. However, the following are some of our most frequent customers:

Fashion Brands: Are you getting ready to launch a new product line? If so, we’ll help you to create vibrant, eye-catching posters that provide all the details your audience needs to shop your collection.

Food & Beverage Brands: Is your brewery releasing a new craft beer? Does your restaurant have a tasty new menu item that you want everyone to know about? Showcase your latest offering on a poster displayed around town.

Music & Film Studios: If your studio is getting ready to release a new film or album, or if you’re hosting a concert at your venue soon, posters can generate more excitement and pique people’s interests.

Formats We Offer

There are lots of ways that you can utilize our services at Seattle Wildposting®. Our team helps you create a wide range of street marketing products, including the following, which are some of our most popular options:

Magnets: Our 3 x 4 magnets are a great option for those who want to showcase their brand on metal surfaces throughout the city, including street poles, car doors, storefronts, and newspaper kiosks

Pull-Tab Posters: Pull-tab posters encourage pedestrians to engage with your promotion and get in touch with your brand; we love displaying them at universities, in bars and restaurants, as well as on bulletin boards in cafes and coffee shops.

Guerilla Cling Posters: Guerilla Cling Posters offer a strong static charge and can rest on all kinds of surfaces; we recommend using them on areas where you’re not allowed to use glue, staples, or tape.

Murals: If you really want to go all out and get people excited about your brand, a gorgeous, professionally designed mural is the way to go

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Is it time to level up your marketing and branding efforts? Do you want to see what displaying Wildposting® in Seattle can do for you?

Our team of designers and marketers is here to help you achieve all your goals. We’ve helped countless brands in San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, and beyond to take their brand exposure to the next level, and we can’t wait to work with you, too!

Connect with us today at Wildposting® Seattle via email or any of our social media channels to get started.

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