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About us

About Us

Wildposting® is a collective of dedicated designers, managers, and professional poster technicians who have worked with a vast range of companies across many cities, countries, and industries. Let our experts help you decide not only the perfect design for your posts, but also the best locations to gain the most valuable visibility for your next project or launch. We help businesses across many industries, but our most popular selections are here:

Fashion - Promote your next product launch with vivid color posters in trendsetting cities.

Food & Beverage - Promote your next Alcoholic beverage launch or your new hospitality offering with Wildposting®.

Music, Movies and Events - Want your new release to gain traction quickly? Promote it with Wildposting® and generate buzz in the streets before launch.

Wildposting® requires not only creative design, but also persistence and awareness. Our poster locations are the best in the world- offering high visibility in major cities such as NYC, LA, and Toronto. Contact us now to see the difference.

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